مدرسه الميردى ديو



Enrollment Requirments

1. must obtain a certificate of any junior in 2019 in the general admission to that school.

2. At least the total students in the junior certificate for 294 degrees or more.

5. not have been the student failure rates in any year of study years of transportation from sixth grade to the third preparatory grade.

Terms student age at enrollment

ان لا يزيد عمر الطالب او الطالبة في 1-10-2019 عن 17 عام

Admissions Steps

The Ministry of Education to provide the following location in Ain Shams school for high achievers and the rest of schools excelling in science and technology STEM (boys - girls) will be open for submission by the dates specified.


Provided that the student's progress been fulfilled form for admission to the school excelled, where students can apply at school without being restricted to the geographical distribution or the school district that the student earned a certificate junior high.